Super Biton de Segou

Super Biton de Segou was one of the great bands of Mali of the 1970s and 1980s. The origin of the band can be found in the creation of modern orchestra's and traditional ensembles representing the various regions of this vast country to compete during the Semaines Nationales, that would later become Biennales. The modern orchestra that was set up in the historic city of Segou turned out to be quite successful during the competitions. At the first Biennale in 1970 they won several prices as the Orchestre Régional de Segou.

The music of Super Biton is rhythmic and full of energy, as their music is inspired on bambara music rather than malinké griot music. Powerful singers such as Mamadou Percé Doumbia, Toussaint Siané and Papa Gaoussou Diarra (Papus), the guitar of Mama Sissoko and of course the horns of chef d'orchestre Amadou Bâ were the pillars below this strong band. Several albums were recorded and in 1986, an international tour brought them to Western Europe. By then, times had become difficult, financially, technically and artistically, and after the tour, chef d'orchestre Amadou Bâ left Super Biton. His departure would lead to a near-to-disintegration of Super Biton, with some members retiring from music, others seeking new adventures i.e. solo careers. For instance, singer Percé went to France and, although he made one or two solo albums, he does not seem active in the music business anymore.

Since 2008, however, Super Biton has reformed and this might be to some extent related to the yearly Festival sur le Niger, where they play every year as the closing act. Participating members are Mama Sissoko, Toussaint, Papus, Cubain and the oldest surviving member of the group Mamadou 'Coulou' Coulibaly, alongside newly recruited musicians.

Super Biton
  Super Biton de Segou
• Super Biton:
Amadou Bâ trumpet and Chef d'orchestre (left in 1987)
Mamadou Doumbia 'Percé' lead vocal
Mama Sissoko guitar
Papa Gaoussou Diarra (Papus) lead vocals (died 25 January 2015)
Abou Touré alto sax
Toussaint Siané lead vocal
Aboubacar Kissa 'Cubain' (12 April 1952 - 12 April 2021) lead vocal
Mamadou 'Coulou' Coulibaly lead vocal
Mamadou 'Blick' Diarra saxophone
Dramane Diarra bass
Modibo Diarra 'Bebel' keyboards

Formed: in Segou
Style: Bambara music / afro jazz

Title Year Label Remarks
Afro Jazz Folk Collection Vol. 2 2023 Deviation Records / Mieruba- ML Digital / CD / 2LP
Afro Jazz Folk Collection Vol. 1 2021 Mieruba- ML Digital / CD / 2LP
Anthology 2013 Kindred Spirits KSMALI 03 CD CD / LP
Afro Jazz du Mali 2006 Bolibana 76013-2 Reissue
Belle Epoque 2000 Sonodisc CDS 7072 Compilation of older songs
Afro Jazz du Mali 1986 Bolibana 42013-2 CD / LP
Balandzan 1983 Tangent LP 7008 LP, Celluloid distribution
Nyangaran Foli 1988 Syllart 38766-1 LP, reissue of KO/77.0414
Taasi Doni 1988 Syllart 38749-1 LP, reissue of KO/77.0413
Le Super Biton National De Ségou 1977 Mali Kunkan KO/77.0414 LP
Le Super Biton National De Ségou 1977 Mali Kunkan KO/77.0413 LP
Albums as Orchestre Régional de Ségou:
Orchestre Régional de Ségou 1970 Bärenreiter-Musicaphon BM 30 L 2601 LP; Subtitle: Les meilleurs souvenirs de la
1ere Biennale Artistique Et Culturelle De La Jeunesse
Solo albums Mamadou Doumbia:
Vol. 3 Musiki Cassette / Digital download
Vol. 2: Timini 1996 Tropic Music Cassette
Kelea Diougou 1995 Camara CK7 047 / CD 01
Solo albums Papa Gaoussou Diarra:
Koulegnine 2000 Camara Production Digital release Musiki / Believe Digital
Bilassiraba - 52 1999? Wanda Prod. Digital release Musiki / Believe Digital
Solo albums Aboubacar Kissa:
Maliba 199? Oumar Kouba Production OKP 004 Local cassette
Solo albums Mama Sissoko:
Mama Sissoko Live 2024 Mieruba MRB-ML 02-020 Digital / CD / 2LP - Live 1998
Soleil de minuit 2000 Buda
Amours-Diarabi 1997 Buda/Bleu Caraibes CD 82940-2

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