Saifond Baldé

Saifond Baldé was born in June 1997 in the pittoresk town of Labé. Initially, he was more into dance, but at the time he settled in the capital Conakry, he rather chose for a career in music. in 2015, he joined the rap group Revolution224, but soon he wanted to show his individual talent and planned to start a solo career.

In 2017, he recorded a first song « Djiwo Athiou Mi Yidhe », and Saifond became famous among a larger public in Guinea after a music video of this debut song was made in 2019. By then, he had worked with Habib Fatako on his song « Guidho An On » (2018), and he had released another song, « Gorko Fodjo » (2018/2019).

In 2017, Saifond met Mamadou Diao Barry, who would become his manager, and together they created Mintigui Productions in 2019, which resulted in successful songs such as « Naturel » in 2019 and « Fodari » in 2020, as well as a first album « Sabou no weli » (2022), with various hit songs.
The music of Saifond Balde is inspired by fula musical tradition, mixed with modern styles, a music he calls « Afro-pastoral ». Saifond won the award of 'revelation of the year' at the « Victoires de la musique guinéenne » in 2020, and 'Artist of the year 2022' at another Guinean talent contest. After a national tour, he performed in Senegal, Guinee-Bissau and in Paris.

Saifond Baldé
Saifoulaye 'Saifond' Baldé

Born: 17 June 1997 as Saifoulaye Baldé, in Labé (Guinea)
Style: RnB / Afro-pastoral music

Title Year Label Remarks
Sabou no wely - Bonus 2023 Min Tigui Prod
Sabou no weli 2022 Min Tigui Prod
Le meilleur de Saifond Balde 2021 Saifond Balde

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