(Côte d'Ivoire)

Mathey is a popular singer of the 1990s in one of the specialty genres of Côte d'Ivoire, afro-zouk. This very danceable mix of Antillean zouk and elements of Congolese soukous has become known through singers such as Monique Seka, but has been followed up by Mathey, Antoinette Allany and others.

Mathey used to be in the army of Côte d'Ivoire and used to sing in the Orchestre de la Marine, but her promising musical career forced her to leave the army to concentrate on singing.

The music of Mathey is slightly more up-tempo than the mellow afro-zouk of Monique Seka, and uses more influences of Ivorian folkore. She released a couple of albums which were quite successful. In 2014, after a period of relative silence, she released « Tu m'as dit », an album with 14 existings songs, and 2 new compositions, again produced by afro-zouk hero Ray Lema.

Style: Afro-zouk



Title Year Label Remarks
Tu m'as dit 2014 Obouo Music
Lumière 2006 Lusafrica 46275-2
Iyo 2000 Lusafrica 36224-2
Clépo 1996 Melodie 08788-2 Re-released in 2001 on Lusafrica 36202-2
Anzi 1995 Local cassette


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