(Côte d'Ivoire)

Daouda has been very successful in the 1980s in the whole of francophone Africa. His music is a mix of mandingo melodies and makossa and soukous rhythms, with back-up of Cameroonian musicians on some albums and poignant and humourous lyrics in French.

Daouda Koné worked as a young TV technician in Abidjan. He was also an amateur singer and guitarist, and once someone heard him singing. Soon, he was offered a TV spot as well as a contract to make a first record. A first single, « Les Gbakas D'Abidjan » was already a success in 1976. He decided to turn to music professionally, but he released a few albums before really breaking through with « Le Sentimental '83 », a re-recording of his first album, « Mon Coeur Balance », this time with Souzy Kasseya on guitar, Alhadji Toure on bass, Jimmy and Fredo (one of the hottest horn sections in Africa) and arranger Jimmy Hyacinthe. This was a tremendous success in all Francophone countries. It had been released again in the UK in 1985 on Stern's. In 1984, he recorded « La Femme de Mon Patron » with mainly Cameroonian musicians hence a strong makossa feel. Unfortunately, at the end of the 1980s his popularity started to decline. In 1995, Daouda migrated to the United States, where he didn't succeed in pursuing his music career. In 2007, however, he recorded a new album in Abidjan with producer Jean-Aristide Dico.


Musicians on «Yougou-Yougou Dokaflé» (1979):
Bentho: saxophone;
Cherif Mohamed Smith: Orgue, piano;
Rovi: drums;
Agbahissa: bass;
Daouda: acoustic guitar;
Vewouyi Yao D.: solo guitar;
Philippe: flute.
Recorded in Lomé, Togo

Musicians on «La femme de mon patron» (1984):
Freddy, Man Ouari, Hamid Belhouine: brass;
Marcel de Souza: percussion;
Valéry Lobé: drums;
Touré Aladji: bass;
Toto Guillaume, Jimmy Hyacinthe, Jules Kamga, J. Malekani: guitar.
Recorded in studio Félicité
Born: in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire of Burkinabe parents, as Daouda Tou Koné
Style: afro-zouk, makossa


Title Year Label Remarks
La misère et la mer 2008 Jadcom
The Very Best of Daouda 2003 Music Africana MUSAFR006CD CD Compilation
Special Best of Sentimental 1998 Afro Rythmes 2263-2 CD Compilation
Ce que femme veut 1986 Bade Stars Music BSM 994 / AM032
Gnama-Gnama Sentimental 1986 Editions Mademba MD 1776 (Gabon)
Le Sentimental 1985 Stern's ST1008 Re-issue of Le Sentimental '83
La femme de mon patron 1984 DEG Music DM 017 / TKD 002
Amina Fanta - Mon Coeur Balance 1983 Maikano MAILPS 1039 Also: Le Sentimental '83, re-recorded first album
Salsa de Niangologo 1982 DEG Music DM 006 / SA300005
Le Margouillat 1981 Maikano MAILPS 1027
Je reviendrai à Lomé 1981 Maikano MAILPS 1021
Yougou-Yougou Dokaflé / Viva la Musica 1979 Maikano MAILPS 1012
Daouda le Sentimental, vol. 1 & 2 1978 Maikano MAILPS 1001 & 1002

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