Hoïgen Ekwalla (1949-2008)

Hoïgen Ekwalla has become famous during the 1980s with his up-tempo makossa. He was raised by his mother and elder sister, as he lost his father when he was 5 years old, and became a mecanic and electrician. He has worked for various big companies, with his earned saving he managed to travel to Paris in 1980.

Back in Cameroon, he started to sing, with the help of Kotti François. He developed a particular talent for the guitar, and on his albums, he played guitar himself. He became a close friend of fellow makossa singer Djene Djento and with his velvet voice and elegant appearance, Hoigen made several successful albums. Hits such as « Chat botté », « Longue di titi nika » and « Mon amie vérité » remain in your head a long time after listening through their sweet melodies and dancable rhythms. The 1994 album resulted in the Artist of the Year title in Cameroon.

Hoigen Ekwalla composed several songs for a new album due early 2009, but was stopped by health problems, and on 23 October 2008, he died after a 2 weeks stay in the Laquintinie Hospital in Douala. He leaves behind his mother, his elder sister and two children.

Born: 13 June 1949, as Ekwalla Mpouli Eugène
Style: makossa

album cover 'Longue di titi nika'
 Hoigen Ekwalla: album cover 'Longue di titi nika'   

Title Year Label Remarks
La Tendresse: Aimer Mwen 2000 JPS Production CDJPS 113 CD
La joie 1998 Sonodisc CD 85905
The Best of Hoïgen Ekwalla 1997 TJR CDAT 174 Compilation
Voyage (Londo) 1995 Sonodisc CD 81313
Mon amie vérité 1994 TJR CDAT 116
Longue di titi nika 1991 TJR CDAT 095
Femmes, il faut supporter ! 1990 TJR AT 085 LP
Chat botté 1988 Koko's Records KMN 662 LP
Minya / Jalousie 1986 Koko's Records MN 661 LP
Ndutu / Bila O Diba 1985 Koko's Records MN 660 LP
Ebol'a Ngosso 1984 NTJ 002 LP
Ndo l'am / Makossa Party 1983 Disques Beny BENY 001 LP


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