Eboa Lotin (1942-1997)

Emmanuel Eboa Lotin (also written as Lottin), son of Reverend Adolf Lotin A Same, who composed many church chorals, has been brought up with music. Still, he was more of a self-taught musician, since he has not received a formal musical education. He recorded a first song in 1962, which was a starting point of a successful career of 35 years. He died in 1997 following a protracted illness.

Eboa Lotin didn't have an easy childhood. Both his father and his mother, Lili Engom'a Koum, died when he was 3 years old, and a badly applied quinine injection resulted in a paralyzed left leg. Music was a way to cope with his sorrow, and in 1962, he recorded a first song « Mulema mam » in the studio of Radio Douala. The following years, he continued to work and he composes a few songs for a song contest, of which the jury was presided by Duke Ellington in 1967. This opened doors, and he was able to go to Paris, where he recorded a few songs for Philips, that brought him the recognition he was looking for. In 1969, he represented his country at the Festival Panafricain in Algeria. In 1969 and 1970, he was invited in several African countries.

Eboa Lotin is said to have composed about 70 songs.

Born: August 6, 1942 in Douala, died in October 1997
Style: acoustic makossa / Ambasse Bey

Eboa Lotin
 Eboa Lotin  

Title Year Label Remarks
The Best Of, Vol. 2 - Pure Gold 1994 TJR CDAT 130 Compilation
The Best Of, Vol. 1 - Or pure 1994 TJR CDAT 124 Compilation
Anthologie Vol.2 / Sodome et Gomorrhe 1988 Sonodisc / TSHI 007 Tribute to Francis Bebey
Anthologie Vol.1 / Nkono Kpa-Kum 1988 Sonodisc / TSHI 005
Gratitude - le Disque d'Or 1985 Tshi Tshi TSHI 002 Double album
Les Trois Visages 1983 Tougata TG 587 LP
Tata Coco 1981 Satel SAT LP
Souffle Nouveau 1980 Satel SAT LP-162 LP
Tete Youngo 1979 Satel SAT LP
Muyenge Ma Ngando 1977 Satel SAT LP
Besombe 1977 Philips LP
To Filanki / Alleluia 1976 Satel SAT 087 LP


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