(Burkina Faso)

Zêdess is another proof of the quite recent emergence of talent from Burkina Faso, a country not known for producing that many musical talents. After a few cassettes produced locally, such as « Y'a plus boulot » (1992) and « Embouteillage » (1995), his music is now widely available for a broader audience on CD. The first CD album, « Où allons-nous? » (1998) comprises a number of older songs.

The music of Zêdess, who is a school teacher in English, combines two ingredients that are so popular in Africa: firstly, reggae music, and secondly, humourful lyrics, mainly in French, giving way for satirical reflections on social issues and politics. Song titles such as « Directeur voleur », « Fonctionnaire sans conscience » and « Vrai-faux cooperant » speak for themselves.

After a silent period of four years, a new album, « Sagesse africaine » has been released at the end of 2004.

Zêdess - Album cover 'Accroche-toi'
Zêdess - Album cover 'Accroche-toi'

Born: as Seydou Zongo
Style: afro-reggae, mixed with Burkinabe folklore (waarba, wuré)

Title Year Label Remarks
Résistances 2013 Sony Music / Lusafrica Digital release
Sagesse africaine 2007 BMG / Lusafrica International release, with extra track Un Hongrois chez les Gaulois
Sagesse africaine 2004 Yennenga Production Released in Burkina December 2004
Accroche-toi 2000 Lusafrica 36228-2
Où allons-nous? 1998 Lusafrica 26273-2
Où allons-nous? 1997 Self produced cassette
Embouteillage 1995 Self produced cassette
Y'a plus boulot 1992 Self produced cassette


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